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What is the DaVinci Gold ecosystem?

Imagine the exchange of physical gold across borders without moving the metal… and without involving any intermediary banks or financial institutions. That is precisely what our DaVinci Gold Tokens are made for. Welcome the tokenization of physical assets and embrace the gold investment in the 21st century.



After two decades in the 21st century, a deep distrust of fiat currencies and of the existing financial system has now become a common reality.


Gold Global Currency Corp. SA is a Swiss company supervised by FINMA (the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) that offers the solution to this problem with gold-backed tokens registered on a private blockchain.


Tokenizing gold is the process of creating a digital blockchain token that represents a specific amount of gold.


Under our trademark DaVinci Gold, we developped two different tokens in order to offer an easier access to a must-have physical asset for investors:


DVGO (DaVinci Gold Ounce)

A DVGO token is linked to a one-ounce (31.10 g) 99.99% pure (24 karats) gold bullion coin, marked with the same identifier present in the unique digital title, thanks to our nano-laser engraving security technology.




DVGK (DaVinci Gold Kilo)

A DVGK (DaVinci Gold Kilo) token is linked to a new 99.99% pure one kilogram gold bar from a London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) certified refinery. The unique number of the bullion is reported in the digital title.




All the gold that back our tokens comes right out of the refineries. So it is 100% authentic. And the connection to gold remains super solid at all times, meaning that the quantity of gold matches precisely the quantity of existing tokens with a 1:1 ratio.


At any moment, the investor can sell, transfer or redeem his DaVinci Gold tokens for the allocated gold.


The price of tokens are linked to the price of gold.


Our blockchain

Our tokens are registered and issued on our worldwide private blockchain, developed in collaboration with Worldline, one of largest service providers of payment and financial transactions in the world and the first in Europe.


All recorded transactions are unalterable and irreversible. They give all guarantees as to the existence, quality and traceability of the gold allocated to the Tokens.


Free storage in Switzerland

All the gold is physically stored in Brink’s ultra-secure vaults in Zurich, Switzerland. Your gold is fully insured at its market value. You pay no storage fees as long as the gold remains in Brink’s vaults. At the same time, you enjoy the solid reputation of safety and discretion of Switzerland.



The DaVinci Gold Cash Wallet is the electronic safe that stores your gold in ultra-secure vaults in Switzerland. With your private key you can carry out all transactions and request the conversion of your tokens for the delivery of the allocated gold.


Mobile Application

The Android DaVinci Gold Application coupled with the DaVinci Gold Cash Wallet is the easiest and simplest way to make all your transactions: buy, sell, transfer, redeem your gold. We are working on the iOS/iPhone version of the application. 


So yes, our DaVinci Gold Tokens allows you to transform your gold holdings into a digital asset and effortlessly cross borders, sell or transfer your gold.


Our DaVinci Gold Tokens have many advantages:


  • Authenticity of gold
  • Liquidity
  • Transferability
  • Accessibility
  • Free storage in ultra-secure vaults in Switzerland
  • Private access to a VIP investment solution (contact us for more information)


>>> Enjoy your peace of mind NOW ! Protect and diversify your wealth by safely owning physical gold without the burden of storing it or moving it yourself.



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