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An easy way to invest in Gold

Hold an e-Vault of Gold in Switzerland

Buy, manage, trade, transfer your physical gold stored and secured in Switzerland !

DaVinci Swiss Gold is the brand of Gold Global Currency Corp. S.A. a Swiss regulated financial intermediary in precious metal, member of an SRO, Self Regulated Organization supervised by the FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

We issue digital ownership certificates of physically identified and allocated Gold (The DaVinci Gold Token). You fully own physical Gold insured and stored with Brink’s Swiss vaults, collectable at any time.

Buy, Manage, and Trade your Gold

Our tokens are registered and issued on our worldwide blockchain, developed in collaboration with Worldline, one of largest service providers of payment and financial transactions in the world and the first in Europe.

Our blockchain (unfalsifiable and decentralized digital register) acts as a virtual “Notary”. All the recorded transactions are unalterable and irreversible, and give all the guarantees as for the existence, the quality and the traceability of the gold allocated to the Tokens.

Back by our blockchain technology and the use of our DaVinci Gold Wallet, you can buy, transfer (P2P), manage and trade your physical gold worldwide.
Why DaVinci Gold?


Our technology and IT architecture only allows the issuance of our DaVinci Gold Token if the physical identified gold has been allocated to the owner, with the Gold serialization. The relevant procedure has been cleared by the supervising authority (FINMA : September 11th 2019 Guidelines 2.2.2).


Easily exchange your tokens for cryptos.Buy with cryptos. Fiats, cryptos now have a trait d’union with Gold, allowing P2P (transfers between third parties) within these communities.


Our Gold Ecosystem permits everybody to instantly buy and own physical gold, which can be transferred in real time worldwide for transactions, donations, swaps and as a means of payment.


The liquidity is provided at any time in various ways, such as P2P transfers or the Redemption of the Token against the allocated gold for its sale in Fiat currencies (EUR, USD or CHF) to professionals.

Free of Charge

The delivery of the DaVinci Gold Wallet is free of charge to all customers buying our Token. Storage and insurance at Brinks is free of charge until it is withdrawn or delivered to the beneficial owner.

DaVinci Gold Mobile Application

With your DaVinci Wallet combined with our smartphone application, you can easily transfer your DaVinci Gold tokens to third parties for transactions, exchanges, donations, collateral security or as a means of payment.

Available on Google Play Store

Whitepaper DaVinci Gold Tokens

Download our White Paper for a full description of DaVinci Gold Project

We offer tokenization of gold coins and bars

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Frequently Asked Questions

All pure gold, defined as 999.9/1000 or measured in 24 carats, attributed to DVGO and DVGK is of the highest quality (LBMA), London Good Delivery Standard and is legally sourced from Swiss, European refineries or major banks such as UBS.
The price of our DaVinci Gold tokens are aligned daily with the latest London Gold Fix (LBMA). A 15% premium to the price applies to DVGO tokens (one ounce coin) and 5% to DVGK tokens (one kilo bar) covering our services and operations: shipping of the DaVinci e-wallet, access to the Blockchain, insurance, storage, custody fees with Brink’s as long as the gold remains physically in custody in our system.
No, the DaVinci Cash Wallet is not transferable. It is irreversibly linked to an identified customer and registered in our confidential database, our “white list”. This list cannot be modified or altered, as it is also stored on our blockchain. But you can transfer your tokens to a third party.
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