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All pure gold, defined as 999.9/1000 or measured in 24 carats, attributed to DVGO and DVGK is of the highest quality (LBMA), London Good Delivery Standard and is legally sourced from Swiss, European refineries or major banks such as UBS.
When you buy DVGO (DaVinci Gold Ounce) and/or DVGK (DaVinci Gold Kilo) tokens, you pay a premium of 15% and 5% respectively to the London Fixing price of gold. This premium covers the manufacturing of the coin or ingot, the engraving of the code with the nano-laser for the coin, the insurance, the storage of the gold as long as it remains under the custody of Brink’s in Switzerland.
Simply fill out our online registration form and provide the necessary information to comply with international KYC (“Know Your Customer”) and AML (“Anti Money Laundering”) regulations; this compliance service is delegated to the Swiss company, experts in KYC/AML for digital assets.

Once your registration is approved on our site, depending on your country of residence, we will provide you with the bank account number to which you should send the funds. Upon receipt, we send you your e-wallet in which the DaVinci Gold token(s) you purchased are stored.

The Custodian is an approved and recognized Swiss institutional trustee required to maintain insurance against potential default. In the unlikely event that the custodian goes bankrupt, the custodian’s contract with Gold Global will be automatically terminated and Gold Global will appoint another approved custodian.
In the meantime, the gold assigned to you and of which you are the sole owner will remain safely stored in Brink’s vaults in Zurich, Switzerland.
Yes, once all identification and security procedures have been completed with the custodian and Gold Global, and shipping arrangements have been made and pre-paid, your gold can be released and shipped to you.

If you wish Gold Global to handle the shipping, we will select a secure shipper and obtain a quote. You must pay the shipping charges in advance.

Generally, there is no duty charged on 99.99% pure bullion coins or bars. However, this may change in the future and if it does, then you will be responsible for paying these duties as required by your customs and/or tax authorities.

There are many ways to invest in gold: physical gold through your bank or a gold broker, or “paper” gold through a brokerage firm, financial gold such as ETFs (Exchange-Traded-Funds) and various other derivatives:

– Tokenization allows for better liquidity, accessibility, transferability and transparency.
– Tokenization refers to the registration of an asset and its rights on a token in order to allow its management and exchange in peer-to-peer on the blockchain, in an instantaneous and secure way.
– Gold Global offers cryptographic delivery of DVGO (DaVinci Gold Ounce) and DVGK (DaVinci Gold Kilo) tokens, the digital title, registered on the private Blockchain, to an immutable allocated quantity of pure physical gold (99.99%/24carats) stored in secure vaults via Brink’s in Switzerland, a safe and stable country with a secure jurisdiction.
– DVGO and DVGK tokens alleviate the storage, insurance and custody burdens we face when we buy gold from a gold dealer and store it on our own.
– Buying gold from your bank or storing it in a bank vault exposes you to a number of risks. Firstly, the bank risk which consists, under certain circumstances, of banks closing their doors (temporarily or permanently) or limiting certain transactions, including access to and/or sale of the gold you wish to withdraw, and secondly, your exposure to certain tax issues depending on your country of residence.

DVGO and DVGK tokens, on the other hand, offer you total control, the freedom to sell, give away, trade or use your gold as a means of payment, simply by transferring in a few minutes your tokens stored on your DaVinci Cash Wallet (which is a Cold Wallet containing your private keys) to a qualified third party holding a similar or compatible wallet (P2P/Pee to Peer). Thus liquidity is given to your gold as part of the Decentralized Finance System (DeFI) without the need for a bank account as opposed to “paper gold” purchased through intermediaries (financial institutions, banks, brokerage firms).
You can exchange your tokens at any time for delivery of the gold allocated to them by Brink’s, which is identified by means of a proprietary nano-laser engraving technology.

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